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If the name of the game has excited you, you surely must have very high expectations from this online Solitaire game and it has to be said that the game will not disappoint you.

The game has to be played using the computer mouse.

Put all the cards to the foundation which is the centre piles. Each time you can only move one card from the tableau piles.

You can put a card on a tableau pile if it is one point smaller than the topmost card in the pile.

The time starts to tick as soon as you start playing the game.

Canfield is a solitaire (patience) card game with a very low probability of winning. Canfield, noted gambler, owned the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, New York during the 1890s.

According to legend, it is originally a casino game, named after the casino owner who is said to have invented it. Gamblers at his casino would play the game by "buying" a deck of cards for $50.

The gambler would then play the game and earn $5 for every card he managed to place into the foundations; if one was fortunate enough to place all 52 cards into the foundations, the player would win $500.

Although players make a loss (about an average of five to six cards), the game proved to be popular, and Canfield became rich.

The disadvantage of this new game was the need to hire a croupier for every gambler playing the game.

Canfield himself called the game Klondike, but the name Canfield stuck and became synonymous with solitaire itself.